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A little background.  Prior to 2016, the UK government came up with a plan to increase the National Minimum Wage over a fixed period of years. At that time, the projected National Minimum Wage for 2020 was expected to be £9 per hour.  However, the actual National Minimum Wage for 2020 is now expected to be £8.61 and not the original £9 projected.

These figures are for persons 25+ in the UK. It is to be noted that most countries do not typically have the same age bias criteria and simply consider people of working age as adults. Notwithstanding this, in Singapore for example, the National Minimum Wage was primarily adopted for cleaners so they could be protected. 

Also of importance is that some cities, both in the UK and other parts of the world have adopted higher minimum wages than their Government's National Minimum Wage. 

LIST OF COMPARISONS - NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGES FOR 2019 ACROSS THE WORLD (Order: Highest First) We chose samples from each continent.  All amounts are in Euros. (To find out what this correspondents to in £s, visit for UK equivalent). 

1996.60 Euros/month         AUSTRALIA

1665.20 Euros/month         NEW ZEALAND

1557 Euros/month              GERMANY

1524.5 Euros/month           UNITED KINGDOM

1521.20 Euros/month         FRANCE

1229.90 Euros/month         SOUTH KOREA

1200.3 Euros/month           JAPAN

1050 Euros/month              SPAIN

700 Euros/month                PORTUGAL

1482.20 Euros/month         CANADA

1097.5 Euros/month           USA

886.60 Euros/month           SLOVENIA

870.00 Euros/month           CYPRUS

798 Euros/month                SINGAPORE

758.30 Euros/month           GREECE

606.80 Euros/month           SAUDI ARABIA

525.80 Euros/month           VENEZUELA

521.50 Euros/month           URUGUAY

497.00 Euros/month           TAIWAN

422.30 Euros/month           TURKEY

383.2 Euros/month             CHILE

240.20 Euros/month           IRAN

240.1 Euros/month             BRAZIL

226.60 Euros/month           MALAYSIA 

173.40 Euros/month           ALGERIA

152.8 Euros/month             RUSSIA

271.6 Euros/month             CHINA

253.60 Euros/month           EL SALVADOR

224.60 Euros/month           PHILIPPINES

221.4 Euros/month             SOUTH AFRICA

193.30 Euros/month           THAILAND

144.80 Euros/month           PAKISTAN

122.40 Euros/month           KENYA

112.40 Euros/month           UKRAINE

104.80 Euros/month           INDONESIA

41.2 Euros/month               INDIA

6.40 Euros/month               GEORGIA

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This information has been brought to you by sourcing information from multiple sources including UK's government website. We hope you found this interesting and informative.