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When you’re in-between jobs, unemployed taking a sabbatical or however you want to put it, it’s a great time to improve your skills, learn new skills or prepare for the job you want. Whilst I was unemployed I came across someone who created a self made MBA and taught themselves simply by consuming books that prepared them for their dream job. This self made MDA did exactly that. Do you feel that you don’t do well in interviews themselves? Then why not take course on doing better in the interviews themselves. Sometimes you can have all the credentials, experience and qualifications on paper but still not get the job, simply due to the way you come across in the interview. A course practicing this process can greatly improve your confidence and make your interview ready.


Whether it’s an office jobs or a job on the high street there are always new skill that can be the difference between you getting the job and not. Also they may lead to faster progress, responsibility and higher pay once you’re in the job.


If you are in this position, ensure you use the opportunity to better yourself in anyway possible.  


At we specialise in jobs for the high street, retail and supermarkets. To get these jobs you’ll need to have good communication skills with customers, be effective in interviews, and in the future you may want to progress through the ranks from the sales floor to corporate offices.


Here are some online resources for personal development, many with completely free trials.


Interview Skills 

General learning resources